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Well last night during my CP fantasy football draft (to be honest I am not a huge fan of my team, but what can you do) I put the final touches on my nutrition guide for EC’s new book. I am very excited that I had the opportunity to write the nutrition component for EC, but I am also very glad that it is done! It was an incredible amount of work!

Anyway, here are some good blogs/articles that you should check out while you are pretending to work.

1. What a Stressed Out Bride Can Teach You About Training Success – Eric Cressey. Eric delves into how making your goals public, like telling people you are getting married, can greatly increase your chance of success, especially in fitness, performance and body composition.

2. A Little Sage Advice – Tony Gentilcore. Tony answers a question that gets asked often, “how to be a better trainer?” He explains how reading and networking are incredibly important, but that the best way to get better is to just do it!

3. The Dirty Little Secret of the Diet-Heart Hypothesis – Stephan Guyenet. Stephan has been a huge influence in my beliefs on how saturated fat affects health risk (or health improvements!), food quality affects body composition and a whole lot more. This is one of my favorite posts of his, and if you are at all interested in the actual research showing that saturated fat does not cause heart disease, do yourself a favor and check this out.


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Posted on September 9th, 2010 by Brian St. Pierre

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  1. Zach Says:

    that article by stephan guyenet was awesome

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