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Hey folks I am back! I was on vacation in Maine (it was beautiful), but I have returned to resurrect my blog. I feel like I haven’t written in forever!

I wanted to discuss something light today. I figured I would ease myself back into things. Lately I have been getting a lot of questions from clients about supplements. What to take, what not to take, what is safe, what is dangerous, what will make them swole and/or ripped. You know, stuff like that. The problem is that most people who ask questions about supplements eat like crap. Supplements are all well and good, and can provide some helpful benefits, but if you do not have your day-to-day nutrition lined up, they won’t do a damn thing. If you want to learn which supplements I do like, check out this article I wrote for The FitCast HERE.

Don't be this guy

Don't be this guy

There is absolutely no need to purchase every new product that comes out promising to make you jacked. Most supplements are completely worthless, and you are just pissing your money away. From the nutrition side of things, your consistent eating habits determine 90% of your results. I am talking about proper food choices and portion sizes. You master that, and you are 90% of the way there. Mastering the basics is the single greatest key to making health, training and body composition goals. That other 10% is just the fun stuff to play around with. All the supplements on earth won’t really increase that 10% threshold. The best nutrient timing on earth won’t either. You could have the best post workout shake, with the best ingredients at the most optimal time after the world’s greatest training session, but if at the end of the day you didn’t consume more calories than you expended, you aren’t going to grow. Period. End of story. Same goes for fat loss.

The most effective method of changing your physique is to master your nutrition basics, train hard and recover. This means eating real food, not something made in a lab, doing a program that is tailored for your needs and goals, and doing it balls to the wall, and getting your 8 hours. It isn’t sexy, and it isn’t revolutionary, it just plain works.

So before you head off to GNC to purchase some new, fancy, over-priced and completely worthless supplement, just remember that $80 could buy you a weeks worth of amazing, delicious, and physique changing food.

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Posted on July 14th, 2009 by Brian St. Pierre


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  2. Niel Says:

    Man, I know some guys who easily spend $100+ on supplements. Pretty silly.

    People forget the word supplement means an extension/adding to what you’re already doing. If you’re adding to a poor diet, expect poor results.

  3. i-tailor Says:

    My partner and i looked all over yahoo for it!! Just details

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