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Apologies for the late blog everbody, back at it here with a good one. Today I wanted to discuss a fruit that is absolutely delicious, most people love, is available in any super market and is surprising healthy. Today I want to talk about Kiwi. Well technically Kiwifruit, but everyone just calls it Kiwi.

Why are Kiwi’s so incredible you ask? Loads of disease-fighting antioxidants and phytonutrients, along with plenty of vitamins and minerals. There was a study performed at Rutgers University to compare the nutritional value of 27 different fruits to see which provided the most nutrition per ounce. Amazingly, Kiwi was shown to be the most nutrient dense of all fruits tested. Gram for gram, Kiwi had twice the vitamin C of an orange, more fiber than apples, and more potassium than a banana. That right there is reason enough!

Kiwi has also shown a significant ability to reduce oxidative stress. Not only does Kiwi help prevent the damage to DNA, but it has also been shown to help repair damage that already occurred. Some of you may be skeptical and think you would need an exorbitant amount of Kiwi to do this, but the effects were seen when Kiwi was added to the diet in a normal amount, across a wide array of volunteers and in a very rapid fashion. Impressive. Most impressive.

Kiwi, the natural aspirin? Many people take a baby aspirin every day to help thin their blood and prevent heart attacks. Amazingly, Kiwi has also been shown to thin the blood without any of aspirin’s nasty side effects, including stomach pain, excessive bruising or bleeding, small breaks in the intestinal walls, and possible disruption of other medications. Kiwi has none of that.

In conclusion, eat some damn Kiwi. It is awesome for you, tastes phenomenal, and goes great with tons of other fruit. As a final touch, if you are willing to try it, the skins of Kiwi contain lots of beneficial enzymes, just make sure to clean it well. Enjoy!

Posted on February 3rd, 2009 by Brian St. Pierre


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