Fitness Professionals Testimonials

“Soon enough, the rest of the world is going to know what I – like all of the clients at my facility, Cressey Performance – already know: Brian St. Pierre is a tremendous talent who is wise well beyond his years.  He is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to cutting-edge nutrition – but never satisfied with that knowledge, which means that he’s always up-to-speed on the latest research.  He’s also a fantastic strength and conditioning coach and a great guy.  I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Eric Cressey, MA, CSCS, www.EricCressey.com, www.CresseyPerformance.com

“I’ve known Brian ever since the first day he walked into Cressey Performance the first year we opened our doors for business.  As it was, he showed up on the exact same day we received all of our power racks.  Even though he came in to observe and hang out for the day, he spent the entire afternoon helping assemble those racks.   Don’t worry, we treated him to lunch.  Regardless, that’s the kind of person Brian is – someone who will go the extra mile to help out.

As such, it was a no-brainer when we decided to take him on as an intern, and then as our first full-time employee.  Needless to say, I’ve had the opportunity, firsthand, to see just how much he has grown as a fitness professional; and I can say without question that he exhibits every quality you could ever want in someone whom to entrust your health in:  integrity, professionalism, knowledge, and most important of all, he walks the walk and doesn’t just talk a big game.  Undoubtedly, I would put Brian right up there as one of the best.”

Tony Gentilcore, CSCS, co-founder Cressey Performance, www.tonygentilcore.com

“It’s easy to take for granted just how impressive Brian’s wide range of knowledge really is. Most people would be quick to assume that the fields of exercise physiology and nutrition are two sides of the same coin, but the fact is that they are vastly different disciplines. Even though it may not be difficult to find a personal trainer quick to give out nutritional advice, or a nutritionist that would also be happy to recommend which group exercise class to attend, the truth is that it is a very rare thing to find someone that is expertly qualified in both fields. Whenever you have someone that can walk on both sides of the path to better health and performance, you have found a very unique and special individual that will help to guide you on that journey. Brian is one of those uncommonly gifted people, and I suggest that you take advantage of what he has to offer. “

Jonathan Fass, PT, DPT, CSCS, ART Cert, www.acceleratedstrength.com

“Brian St. Pierre sleeps, breathes and eats scientifically-supported nutrition knowledge. He shows his true dedication and passion for the field of nutrition through his current pursuit of his masters and Registered Dietitian accreditation. He’s put the time, energy and effort into learning the truth about food and health and can help you achieve any and all of your nutrition goals. I’m proud to call him a fellow “nutrition nerd” like me.”

Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic, PhD, RD, CSCS, www.cassandraforsythe.com

“When you see a guy as educated and into training as Brian is you can
almost bet their nutrition ideals are going to be lackluster. It is rare when you find someone in the field who can tackle both the nutrition and training side of the card. On top of that, Brian is a leader and a motivator and strives to make a difference for his industry and clients.  This is what is known as a triple threat and I have no doubts about the ability of Brian St. Pierre. I wish him nothing the but the greatest of success. “

Leigh Peele, Author, NASM Trainer, www.leighpeele.com

“I worked side by side with Brian for four months and can say without a doubt that he is one of the best and brightest that the fitness and nutrition world has to offer. He is constantly improving his craft and getting the most out of his athletes and clients. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone serious about improving their performance.”

Kevin Larrabee, CSCS, www.TheFitCast.com

“Brian is one of the greatest young minds in the sports nutrition field today.  I learn more effective, easy-to-apply nutrition information in one sitting with Brian than I have in hundreds of hours of university study at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  He combines a well-rounded academic background with a passionate dedication to continued education and real-world experience to provide his clients with only the most powerful, goal-oriented nutritional strategies.  Whether you’re looking to fulfill your athletic potential or achieve a certain physique, Brian has the knowledge and experience to help you actualize your goals.”

Kevin Neeld, CSCS, Endeavor Fitness, www.KevinNeeld.com

“Brian is an exceedingly rare combination of talents…exceptional fund of knowledge in his field, an uncanny ability to apply it in a practical sense and an engaging personality.  I had the distinct pleasure of working with Brian for several months earlier this year.  He was great with my patients and brought a fresh perspective to the nutrition and exercise science components of my practice.  Although I knew his time with me would be limited from the outset, that did not lessen the disappointment of losing him in the end.”

Desmond Ebanks, MD, www.AlternityHealthcare.com

“Let me start by saying that I have been a personal trainer for two years and that I hold certifications from NASM (CPT) and the NSCA (CSCS).  With my own training stalling I sought Brian out to help me break my plateau. Due to Brian’s impressive dedication to his career, I’ve learned enough from him in the application and insights of dynamic mobility, injury prevention, program design, strength & power training and nutrition to fill a book! Not to mention I’ve seen major results in the weight room, helping me to increase my bench, squat and deadlift to new personal bests, and compete in my first powerlifting competition. Simply put, Brian is more knowledgeable in the realm of fitness than any trainer or coach I’ve talked with. Brian has worked with some of the best in the business, and I trust that his experiences have and will continue to shape a fitness minded nation.”

Neal Rosow, NASM-CPT, CSCS, Boston, MA

“Having worked and been acquainted with Brian over the last few years, I have been able to see how dedicated Brian is in helping people. With his immense knowledge in strength training and nutrition, it has always been well worth my time to sit and discuss different health/fitness issues with Brian. As a manager of a Fitness Facility, Brian is one of the first people I refer my Personal Trainers and clients too for his knowledgeable insight with various health topics.

As much as I try and educate myself to try and keep up with Brian, I don’t think I’ll ever keep pace with how much time he spends refining himself! I would recommend any individual who has any health or fitness questions to Brian because he always has competent advice.

Jared Jalbert, CSCS, USAW, Somerville, MA

Online Client Testimonials

“After working with Brian, I can say, without a doubt, that it was the best decision I’ve made for my training in a long time.  Being a facility owner, I found myself neglecting my own training, and when I did train, I only did the exercises that I favored the most.  I decided to get in touch with Brian because of two reasons 1) having visited CP before, I knew how creative Brian could be with his programming, and 2) he had the nutritional knowledge to back it up!

The results speak for themselves – in 3 months of being a training/nutrition client with Brian I not only added 7.7 pounds of lean weight, but I also increased my Front Squat by 27.5 pounds, my 3RM Chin Up by 14.3 pounds and my Deadlift by 17.6 pounds – all this after I broke my finger the first week of the program, was put into surgery in the second week, and couldn’t do any grip intensive work until after the first month!

The best result, though, was that Brian showed me how to make quality food choices, and helped me develop solid nutritional habits – something that will last with me throughout my whole life.  If you’re on the edge of deciding whether to use Brian or not, my advice is just do it – you won’t regret it.”

James Garland, Strength Coach, www.jamesgarland.com.au

“Before I started working with Brian I had a good understanding of diet/nutrition but I always made it more complicated than it needed to be.  I thought healthy foods were hard to find and difficult to prepare and as a result I wound up making poor decisions and eating whatever was available in last minute pinch.  Brian simplified things for me – really stressing the importance of eating whole foods, meal preparation and limiting the amount of processed foods I consume.  Brian’s simplistic approach has given me a new positive outlook on food and has reenergized me.  As a professional soccer player I have more energy and find my recovery after training and games quicker than ever before.  I gave Brian my individual goals and in return he gave me a simple and individual program that works for me!”

Lori Lindsey, Washington DC

“With my first Triathlon on the calendar I began training with Brian as well as doing the nutrition segment.  In a matter of 2 months my distance had improved by 1 ½  minutes per mile.  Brian put together fantastic workout plans for me each month and what a difference it made.  I had been lifting before I began with Brian but the combination of moves he had me doing was making an incredible impact on my body.   I was so much stronger, even able to do multiple chin-ups!  The nutrition part was the hardest but he stayed on top of it and held me accountable for everything I put into my body.  I would recommend Brian to anyone looking for a physical improvement.”

Angela Brandenburg, Bella Vista, AR

“I came to Brian St. Pierre after observing the way he had worked with my wife Angie as she trained for her first sprint triathlon.  My goals were a little different than hers—namely, to understand more about nutrition and how I could make some positive changes to my diet.  I thought I had a good foundation, but lacked some discipline and wanted somebody who would help hold me accountable and give me tips to “stay on the wagon.”  Brian did a great job in all aspects, taking time to give me not only comments on what I was doing, but also education and support to help me, help myself reach my goals.  I really enjoyed working with Brian and would recommend his services to anyone—athlete or not—looking to improve their understanding of their own diet and how it impacts their overall health.”

James Brandenburg, Bella Vista, AR

“Working with Brian on my nutrition has been an excellent experience.  He worked to design a meal plan that fit both my nutritional needs and my hectic schedule as a college student.  Previously, I had seen eating as a chore, but now I actually look forward to the meals that Brian has put in my meal plan.  He responded promptly and thoroughly to all email questions, and was very easy to work with.  As can be seen by reading his blog, Brian is extremely knowledgeable and is constantly trying to improve is nutritional repertoire, and this was clearly evidenced by the exceptional quality of the meal plan I received from him.  I would highly recommend Brian’s services to anyone looking to improve sports performance, body composition, and/or general health.”

Tom Neustein, Demarest, NJ

“I can’t say enough good things about working with Brian!  I will admit, I was a bit skeptical about working online/from a distance with someone for nutrition purposes, but Brian quickly put that skepticism at bay.   I was most impressed with the amount of time he took talking to me in our initial phone consult and then all the subsequent emails answering any question I had in a very timely fashion.  There was no cut and paste programs here–he really focuses on you as the individual.   His feedback on all my nutrition logs was incredibly detailed and extremely helpful for making the necessary positive changes to reach my goals.  I also loved all the recipes he gave me.  I had a real issue eating unhealthy snacks because I lacked the knowledge/creativity to create healthier more interesting snacks.  Brian gave me so many options for easy to create, healthy snacks that filled a real void in my daily diet.  I highly recommend working with him!”

Jeanne Higgins, Seattle, WA

“Brian is an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated nutrition coach. His understanding and application of nutrition for individual clients is remarkable. He helped me in getting started with a nutrition regimen that I have been able to stick to and am seeing the results because of that. Now I understand it’s not just about eating ‘clean’, it’s about eating what is right for you. Other than that, Brian was always available for any questions/feedback. All in all, he is a great coach for nutrition and helped me achieve my goals and put me on the right track to get fit and healthy.”

Qudsiah Khan, Redmond WA

“In late March 2010 I contacted Brian St. Pierre for a nutritional consultation hoping that he could assist me in cleaning up my diet.  At the time I felt as if my eating habits were “good” but I was certainly aware that they could be better.  Brian was thorough and exhaustive in his evaluation and critique of my eating habits and provided me with the perfect ideas on how I could alter my diet to achieve my goals.  What I liked the most about Brian’s services is that he didn’t try to totally revamp my current ways but instead offered ideas and insights into how I could do things better.  He worked with my food choices and how I schedule my meals and provided me with a path to success that I am confident will last forever.”

Joe O’Leary, Brighton, MA

“I opted to do a one-month consultation with Brian. I already felt pretty good about my nutrition and felt that I was ready to fine-tune my diet with Brian’s help. Brian’s first words of advice were, “EAT REAL FOOD.” I thought, “Duh, really?!” In retrospect, Brian’s advice, despite its seeming simplicity, is really insightful! Ask yourself, “Am I eating a good lean protein and fruit/ (preferably)vegetable at EVERY meal?” Be honest! I was forced to take a step back and realized that although I was eating well, I still had a lot of room for improvement.

I read a lot of fitness magazines and was hoping that Brian would be my guide through the world of supplements. Again, Brian’s advice was kind of stunning at first, “You are NOT as advanced as you think you are.” Really? Yes, really! Brian made me realize that real food has so many powerful nutrients and that only after I was consistently eating real food would it be worth my while to invest in supplements.

I totally value my consultation with Brian. He gave me good feedback on my food logs and he answered all my questions promptly. And I am grateful for that small voice I hear whenever I am about to consume a meal, “Are you eating real food?!”

Darcy Hirschfeld, Ashburn, VA

“I have known Brian for about 6 years, first meeting at the University of Maine in…gasp…a mechanical engineering class.  From those early days, it was clear the professional direction that Brian would soon seek, was training and nutrition.  Through tireless hours of research, time at the gym and Rugby Pitch and over a stove creating new dishes to experiment on his roommates with, Brian has built himself into one of the most knowledgeable individuals in his trade.  Working with Brian as the co-captain of the UMaine Rugby Team and transitioning him into the role of President, I can attest that his work ethic is unparalleled, his ability to motivate others is outstanding and his personality is contagious.  As the strength and conditioning coach, Brian was a major factor in the rise of the UMaine Rugby Squad from a winless team of three years to a nationally ranked level within 2 years time.  I have personally used customized lifting and nutrition plans put together by Brian with tremendous results.  With his help I decreased body fat, increased strength, explosiveness and speed, and became an athlete that I could not have been without his guidance.”

Stefan Scarks, Tucson, AZ

In-Person Client Testimonials

“I cannot say enough about Brian St. Pierre’s ability to have a significant positive impact on your health, strength, and physique. If you have made the wise decision to seek professional guidance in achieving your physical goals, finding the right “expert” can be a daunting task. You can be confident in choosing Brian as your mentor. His background, education, and professional experience are diverse, and he leads his clients by example:  eating and training according to his goals (always with optimum health as a foundation).

I have had the enviable opportunity to refine my nutrition plan with Brian’s expertise while training alongside him most weeks during the past year at Cressey Performance. Having Brian as a nutrition coach and training partner has been an incredibly inspiring experience. At age 35, I can say without a doubt that he has helped to make possible some life-long goals including a 300lb+ bench and an unprecedented (for me) level of leanness. I recently completed the Warpspeed Fat Loss program, and Brian’s coaching and encouragement were essential to my success – the results speak for themselves:  http://ericcressey.com/newsletter133.html

Bottom line:  Brian will point you in the right direction, eliminate bad information and distractions, and coach you through your questions, injuries, and setbacks. In turn, you provide the dedication and hard work. It’s a powerful combination.”

Danny Verna, Hopkinton, MA

“Brian has been one of the most knowledgeable and influential coaches of my athletic career.  Beyond his ability to understand long-term programming and nutrition, Brian also possesses the intangible qualities that separate the great coaches from the good ones.  Namely, this is his ability to understand his clients and their goals on a personal level, so that he is able to motivate them to improve each and every day.  Brian also understand the dynamic between exercise and nutrition, and he is one of the very few people who is willing as well as qualified to coach his clients in both.  Brian’s diet plans are second to none, and the level of their customization and specificity is unparalleled.  I am a person who trains many times a week, has an extremely fast metabolism, and is trying to build a significant amount of lean muscle mass and strength.  Beyond this, I also have an extremely sensitive stomach, and am not able to follow some of the traditional weight/strength gaining dietary protocols.  Brian was able to actually sit with me and create a daily meal plan as well as diet strategies that have allowed me to continue to compete and improve.  Whether you are trying to qualify for the Olympics or just want to be fit and healthy, you would be hard pressed to find anyone as enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and able to help you reach your goals as Brian St. Pierre.”

Omri Geva, Israel Bobsled and Skeleton

“I wanted to start exercising and losing weight, I just didn’t know how to do it without killing, or making a fool of, myself. Brian not only showed me how to do it, he continually pushed me to new limits that I discovered I not only could handle, but only months before had thought were impossible. No one who knew me thought I would last even 2 weeks in training, as I had never lifted a weight in my life, and was completely uncomfortable in a gym setting. Not only did I train with Brian for 8 months, I actually started to look forward to going to the gym! Brian’s incredible depth of knowledge of physiology and nutrition, his professionalism and his sense of knowing when to push, and when to make it fun all built my confidence that, with Brian’s help, I could make it happen!”

Tom McShane, Scituate, MA

“I have been training with Brian for about one year now.  Through that year, not only have I made great strides through strength and size, I’ve learned so much about nutrition and proper training. The best thing about Brian is that once he’s your trainer he’s also a friend, in the way where you know he is always looking out for you.  He is always there to push you just the right amount so you make sure you get to the gym, even on that day you just didn’t want to go, even though you could and should.  He takes an aggressive yet cautious approach to strength training, always asking questions, trying to be conscious and aware of any slight or serious ailments that require consideration.  Brian is very deliberate in his approach towards every specific trainee.  He takes the time to process all realistic and desired goals of each individual in creating a comprehensive program that propels each toward that goal.  Lastly, Brian legitimately cares about his clients and would never have someone do any type of activity without a specific reason or purpose.  He is completely absorbed by the world of fitness.  Constantly immersing himself in his work in order to offer not only the best product for his trainees, but also for himself.  He absolutely practices what he preaches, creating trust, which is essential between you and your trainer.  A nice bonus, is he’s an extremely easy person to get along with in the gym, causing no concern over comfort and compatibility, while making you bust your butt for some guy your paying.”

Charlie LeMaire, Boston, MA

“I feel very fortunate to train with Brian St. Pierre.  Brian has an extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition, and he possesses a tremedous work ethic.  His dedication to his clients is second to none.  He is constantly tweaking workout routines and diet plans to achieve optimum results.  Since I began training with Brian, I have lost six inches off of my waist and have gotten significantly stronger.  I look forward to continued training with Brian and I would recommend him highly to anyone.”

Paul Gemelli, Boston, MA

“I started personal training with Brian about 5 months before my wedding in order to slim down and get toned.  I only had time to meet with him once a week for 1 hour, but even in that short amount of time I saw big results!  I lost about 10 lbs and 2 dress sizes in that time frame.  He definitely worked me hard in that hour per week, but he skillfully mixed up each workout so that I never got bored or fatigued.  It was amazing to track my own progress week to week, and was even impressed myself with how much I could lift by the end!  I was always a cardio girl who had strived to gain more muscle tone, but wasn’t sure how to go about doing so.  Brian provided the knowledge, discipline and motivation that I needed to get into it.  Most importantly, he provided me with the courage and know-how to do it on my own!  Now with my newly-found muscles, even cardio activities like running seem so much easier.”

Deirdre, Boston, MA

“Brian has definitely helped me exceed my strength goals.  Over the last 9 months of training with Brian I have increased my leg and upper body strength tremendously.   This improved my triathlon performance as well as my 100 and 50 freestyle times in the pool.   When I hurt my right arm in a cycling fall this past Spring, Brian devised alternative training programs so that I could maintain my gains and train around the injury.

Brian is highly knowledgeable about both nutrition and training – I believe that his diet recommendations have helped to drive my recent strength and mass gains.   I’ve had a number of trainers over the years and Brian is the best – motivated, creative, and constantly adding weight or reps to push my limits.   I recommend working with Brian if you are serious about improving your athletic performance.”

Mike Roberts, Boston, MA

“At the age of 40 and in reasonably good shape – I hired Brian St Pierre with the specific goal of taking my fitness to a level I could not achieve with my basic understanding of physiology. My goals were based upon diversifying my workouts away from only running, to building a comprehensive and customized strength training and nutritional program. I also wanted to build my core strength to improve my golf game and prevent future issues with lower back pain. Now – a year later at age 41 – I am in the best shape of my life. I am significantly stronger, toned in a way I never thought I could achieve, and better educated with regard to what and how to eat to fuel my body’s needs. Brian’s customized training program and individual instruction taught me how to safely and effectively strengthen my body to reach my goals. I highly recommend Brian’s services for anyone – whether you’re a soccer mom, elite athlete or someone like me who needed that professional instruction to take my fitness to the next level.

Lindsay Seward, Boston, MA

“I play competitive soccer and lead a very active lifestyle. In August 2007, I pulled a hip flexor and groin muscle. From that point on I found myself continually struggling with small nagging injuries that never seemed to go away. If it was not one injury it was another. When I met Brian I spoke to him about getting stronger, fitter and also wanted to address my injuries. He immediately started me on a mobility and stretching routine, a new training plan and spoke to me about some of my nutritional decisions. I am very pleased to say that I have not been injured since I started training with Brian. He has helped to keep me motivated and focused on my fitness goals. Brian is one of the most passionate people about his profession that I have ever met and through his guidance I have become more educated about kinesiology, body mechanics and nutrition. On top of all of that Brian is a pleasure to be around and I would recommend him to anyone.”

Chris Gathman, San Diego, CA

“After hitting a brick wall with my own training, I started seeking out other trainers who I could not only workout with but learn from as well.  I was referred to Brian through a friend of mine who described his knowledge in the field as “encyclopedic.” That statement couldn’t have been more spot on.  After my assessment with Brian I decided to start training with him immediately.  Within the first few weeks of my individualized program, I started noticing considerable gains in both strength and size.  After 3 months of training I was hitting numbers I never imagined possible.  Brian is by far the best I’ve worked with in the field and I would recommend him to anyone looking to change their life in a positive way.”

Dominic Dangora, Tulsa, OK

Posted on November 5th, 2008 by Brian St. Pierre


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