Nutrition Consultation

This is the real bread and butter of what I do. In today’s headline-centric world you are spoon-fed absolutely terrible and conflicting information by the media, by the food industry, by many so called “experts” that it just makes you more confused and less likely to actually know what to eat! I can help guide you through that maze, and teach you how to create life-long healthy eating habits to improve your health, body composition and performance.

Work with Me on your nutrition and you will receive:

  • Comprehensive Nutrition Questionnaire – this provides me with your likes, dislikes, allergies, intolerances, and more to help me customize the consultation specifically to you!
  • Complete Dietary Analysis – this provides me a snapshot of your normal dietary intake, and I provide you thorough and detailed feedback to maximize your results.
  • BSP Nutrition Tips & Guidelines Packet - you will learn the nutrition principles to guide you through your lifetime, and dispel so many myths and misconceptions along the way! This packet along with my feedback on your actual eating habits will teach you the skills to make you nutritionally bullet proof.
  • Personalized Meal Plans built specifically for you, no cookie-cutters here!
  • Unlimited Email Access to my personal account 24/7.
  • Training programs written by me to work synergystically with your unique nutrition program, all specifically designed for your needs and goals.

Contact Me at with the subject Nutrition Consultation if you are interested.

Training Program Design

“The hardest person to train, is yourself”

This quote is all too true. How many of you have been doing the same routine for months or even years? How many of you are so afraid that you aren’t doing the best possible program, that you change what you do every week? No matter your training goal, whether it be muscle gain, fat loss, maximum strength, improved performance, corrective exercise, or if you just want to look better why not let someone qualified, who trains people just like yourself everyday, design your program for you?

Work with Me on your training you will receive:

  • Comprehensive questionnaire covering your health and injury history, prior training experience, your goals and your schedule. We will look at postural photos, any videos you can send of you performing exercises and more to ensure your maximize the effectiveness of the training.
  • Video demonstrations and/or pictures with descriptions of how to properly perform every exercise I program for you.
  • Personalized One-Month Training Programs built specifically for you, based upon all the information gathered in your questionnaire. Each program will cover proper warmups, soft tissue work, dynamic mobility, recovery modalities, corrective exercise and whatever training modalities your goals warrant; fat loss, strength, power, mass, athletic, general fitness, etc.
  • Unlimited Email Access to my personal account 24/7.
  • I bring the knowledge and the ability to put the whole package together. You just need to bring the attitude and effort!
  • Nutrition Programs written by me to work synergystically with your personal training program, catered specifically to your needs and goals.

Contact Me at with the subject Training Program Design if you are interested.

Still not sure if it’s for you? Then be sure to see what Brian’s clients have said about his training and nutrition services.

Posted on November 5th, 2008 by Brian St. Pierre


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