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For those of you who enjoyed Eric Cressey’s fantastic video, The #1 Reason You Aren’t Getting Better,the other day, I have some great news for you. Eric has just released another webinar video entitled My Top 10 Strength & Conditioning Mistakes.

Personally, I love videos like this. When top-notch guys that I look up to share the mistakes they made and how you can avoid them it provides some key insights into how to be successful in this industry. It is not always about what you do, it is sometimes about what you don’t do, and EC gets that.

According to EC, virtually all programs he sees make at least 3-4 of these mistakes, so if you want to avoid these pitfalls in your own training (or coaching), you need to watch this webinar for sure.

Eric really clears up a lot of training and programming misconceptions in this webinar.  Things that are common practice in many training programs, he identifies as mistakes and tells you why, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to dramatically improve your programming.

—> My Top 10 Strength & Conditioning Mistakes <—

On another note I received an unsolicited email from an appreciative blog reader recently that I thought was worth sharing with you guys. As you know I certainly have my opinions when it comes to vegetarians/vegans (here and here), and it is nice to hear from one who has “figured it out” and goes about this dietary lifestyle the right way. Check it out.

Hi Brian,

I have been meaning to reach out to you for a while now. Your blog is an outstanding resource. I come to it with a different perspective. I have been a vegetarian for 8 years, 7 of which where strict vegan.  Coming out of college as an impressionable 23 yr old, I soon made the drastic decision to become a vegan. I was convinced it was the healthiest, more sustainable, world saving diet…blah blah blah.

Along the way I made several dietary mistakes, but never stopped exploring the alleged health benefits and or drawbacks.  Over the past 2 years I began playing the devils advocate to my very own diet. Your blog has helped me tremendously with that.

2 years ago I tested  low for vitamin D and B12, and I’m sure my omega 3 to 6 ratio was horrible, not to mention I was 6’3″ 170lbs (yikes). I have since significantly increased my fat consumption, mainly coconut and avocado,flax,chia, and algae DHA,  and more recently pastured eggs from a local farm as well as pastured butter. I soak all of my legumes,grains, and stick with potatoes and Ezekiel products.  I feel better than ever. My strength and weight are consistent (currently 215lbs), and not to mention I’m not hungry all the time.

Years ago I used to rely on processed soy “fake meats” and the like. Now I avoid those entirely. I’m still very much concerned about unnecessary animal cruelty, and the ecological issues involved with less sustainable farming, however, that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be eating real food. From a nutrient perspective, it’s now clear to me that eggs from a humanely raised, pastured hen, are a more sensible compromise than highly processed imitation protein.

I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your work.  There are so many misconceptions in the field of Nutrition, and it’s so helpful when someone like yourself filters through it for the rest of us.

Keep up the great work.

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Posted on October 20th, 2011 by Brian St. Pierre


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