Another Awesome Grass-Fed Butter

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Moving on, today I wanted to showcase an awesome product that I have never discussed before. Many of you have become fans of Organic Valley’s Pasture Butter, which I have blogged about many times. It is an absolutely delicious grass-fed butter that is available nationwide, and I highly recommend it. The only downside is it is often not available in traditional supermarkets, and you have to check out a Whole Foods or local health food store to pick it up.

Fortunately for you I have come across another amazing grass-fed butter, and I came across this one right in a traditional Hannafords. Not only that, I personally think it might actually be better than Organic Valley Pasture Butter! It ranks right up there with butter I bought this summer that was straight from the farm in Maine!

It is called Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter. This is a delicious grass-fed butter straight from Ireland. Let me tell you, it is a beautiful yellow color, and makes the most amazing scrambled eggs!

I will point out that I found this butter on accident, while perusing the cheese options in fact. I had heard of Kerrygold butter before, but did not expect to find it in Hannaford’s! So check your local grocer, and make sure to check the butter section as well as the near the cheese.


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Posted on January 31st, 2011 by Brian St. Pierre


  1. Graeme, U.K. Says:

    I do find it fascinating that this very butter is a common product here in Northern Ireland due to all our cows being grass-fed and yet in North America grass-fed dairy/beef is a ‘specialty’. I guess I’m a little spoilt here and don’t really appreciate it!

  2. Travis Says:

    I read this blogpost but didn’t think much of it until a few days ago when I was walking through Wegmans with one of my neighbors who had just gotten back from studying abroad in Dublin.

    Somehow I spotted and picked up some Kerrygold and he told me that the hardest part of adjusting to life back in the states was how weak the butter is here.

    Lo and behold it makes some boss scrambled eggs.

  3. MBT Says:

    Thank you for taking this chance to talk about this, I actually really

    feel strongly about it and I benefit from learning about this topic.

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