BSP Is Having A Baby Girl!

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Yes, you read that right, my wife and I (well just my wife really) are having a baby girl!

This is a profile picture of our girl, she is laying on her back, and you can see her spine and head, along with her mouth and nose

Anna is about 19 weeks and we just found out yesterday that it is a girl. It was a very exciting day to say the least. Apparently she was secretly hoping for a girl, I had no idea! I was just happy that she appears healthy, and she was, weighing in at 9oz.

I also have to say that the ultrasounds they do today are insane. We were able to see the baby move and articulate her limbs and fingers, it was incredible. They measured the length of her femur, humerus, head circumference and more. They pointed out her kidneys and stomach. They checked her upper lip, and they showed us the blood flow from the placenta to her. I am sure there was quite a bit more, it was absolutely mind-blowing.

As for names, right now we are leaning towards Kate, but we are open to other ideas. Feel free to chime in, just don’t be offended if we don’t choose it!

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Posted on December 14th, 2010 by Brian St. Pierre


  1. Richard Hoffer Says:


  2. Cory Says:

    That is very cool, congratulations!

  3. Brock Says:

    Congrats Brian! Didn’t realize you were expecting!

  4. Cassandra Forsythe Says:

    Yay!! Girls rule!! (I’ve got a lot of extra baby girl stuff I can pass along to you :) )

  5. Heidi Says:

    Yay!!! Congrats on the girl. Glad things are going well!

  6. Mike Groth Says:

    congrats saint! lookin forward to meeting with you when i get back up to the Vacationland in a week and a half.

  7. Rachel Says:

    Congrats!! If you ever feel like doing a blog post on foods you’d recommend for baby’s firsts or for the nursing mom, my 6 month old and I would love it!

  8. Chris Says:

    Congrats Brian! You’re going to make an awesome Dad!!

  9. Matt G Says:

    Congratulations, Brian!

  10. chris perry Says:

    Hey Brian,

    Congrads that is great news.

    hope to catch up next time you make the trip to CP

  11. hooch turner Says:

    Congratulations. I dare say that the baby will be getting top notch nutrients down that umbilical cord. A few years ago, Ori Hofmekler published the government recommended food list for pregnant mothers, and, lo and behold, butter eggs meat vegetables etc, all made the cut. His take on it was that if this was being recommended in order to provided the fetus with the best possible nutrients, why is it not good enough for your average Joe, who instead was being recommended lo-fat, lite, etc?

  12. Ed Anderson Says:

    Congratulations Brian – all the best to you and Anna!

  13. Craig Says:

    Congrats! Prepare to be whipped by her

  14. Mike Says:

    Congrats man! My wife and I will also be having a baby girl (our first) around the middle of March. I was absolutely blown away at the ultrasound appointment when they show you the sex, finger’s, toe’s, frontal bone and the other plethora of information. I was really nervous at first about having a girl, then I remembered what a bad kid I was and how all boy’s are fairly mischievous until they hit about 24.

  15. Egypt Says:

    Just the type of inshgit we need to fire up the debate.

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