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Training the core is one of the most controversial topics in the entire fitness industry. It ranges from some people doing almost all sit-ups, crunches, side-bends and other forms of spinal flexion vs others doing only plank variations where they draw their stomach in towards their spine and then everyone in between.

The question is – Who’s right?

Well Mike Robertson has decided to answer that question with the most comprehensive core product the industry has ever seen – Complete Core Fitness. Mike covers a bunch of research, breaks down the anatomy and the kinetic role of the core musculature and the unit as a whole, and relates this into a proper core training philosophy and protocol.

In his usual manner Mike provides this incredible info in an easy-to-understand slideshow, interjected with a little humor and anecdotes from his vast training experience that makes this product worth every penny. If you are a strength coach, physical therapist or a fitness enthusiast then this is a must have for your training library!

Let’s break down again what makes this product so awesome:

  • Complete Core Fitness includess 7 webinar modules, for 3 hours of total content covering everything about the core.
  • Topics include Mike’s philosophy on core training, functional anatomy, his assessment process, and then the four phases of core training he uses with clients and athletes.
  • Everything is covered here – assessment, program design, coaching, cuing, the works. Literally it’s step-by-step in nature.
  • There are four bonus products (including one 2-hour webinar by Evan Osar) and then you also get the Powerpoint slides and an additional 80 minutes of audio Q&A to download.
  • 60-day, no questions asked money back guarantee

I have personally watched the entire webinar (I got an early release version) I can tell you that it is absolutely fantastic. I have pages worth of notes as Mike just had so many valuable little tidbits of information even though a lot of what he teaches is what I believe and learned at Cressey Performance. Even with similar ideas and philosophies, I found a ton of info and tips were invaluable. Some were just little ideas that made a few things click, others were ways of saying things or coaching cues that I felt would work well with clients.

Mike really covered it all and taught me a bunch of stuff in the process! Which I know maybe doesn’t sound that hard, but considering again our similar philosophies on the topic as well as the fact that I have seen Mike give seminars on this very topic, I was still able to walk away armed with a more information to make me better at what I do, and that is always the measure of a good product.

So again if you are  a strength coach or a personal trainer this is an absolutely must-have, no questions asked. If you are a fitness enthusiast or one of the 80% of Americans who suffers from low back pain, then this product will also be invaluable to you. This week only the Complete Core Fitness is on sale price for $30 off the usual price, so act fast!

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Posted on October 4th, 2011 by Brian St. Pierre

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  1. McB Says:

    Thanks Brian, for pointing us in the direction of Mike Robertson. I’m just getting into his website, but he clearly has a lot of valuable stuff to share!

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