Delicious and Nutritious Deviled Eggs

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Who doesn’t love deviled eggs? It is one of my absolute favorite snacks at parties and get-togethers; I could easily put down a dozen without even blinking an eye.

Now since these are usually made with soybean oil-based mayo it certainly isn’t the world’s healthiest snack. People also usually use conventional eggs, which while not bad, are not as good as they could be. Needless to say, this snack could use a makeover, BSP style.

As you all know I love my eggs, and I just wrote what I think was one of my better blogs in a long time – Why Eggs Prevent Heart Disease - which is one of the inspirations for this post today.

To improve on the traditional deviled eggs we take them in a slightly different direction. Rather than use mayo at all, we use the delicious and versatile hummus. That coupled with some omega-3 or pastured eggs and some carrots makes for a fantastic snack that provides high quality protein, healthy fat, fiber, a serving of vegetables as well as tons of other beneficial nutrients.

BSP’s Deviled Eggs

  • 2-4 whole omega-3 or pastured eggs, hardboiled
  • 10 baby carrots
  • 3 tbsp hummus
  • paprika – optional garnish

Instructions - In a medium pot filled half-way with water, place burner on high. Once water comes to a boil place eggs in the pot. Turn down to about medium-high heat, so water is still boiling but not boiling out of the pot. In about 8-12 minutes eggs should be done.

Once done place eggs in a bowl of cold water for a minute or two, then remove and discard shells. Slice eggs in half.

Now you can just simply spread half of the hummus onto each half of an egg and power them down, and use the other half of the hummus with the carrots, or you can get a little fancier.

For you gourmet foodie types you can remove the yolks and whip up with the hummus, though you may need a little more hummus for this depending on how many eggs you are consuming. Then replace the whipped up mixture back into the empty eggs, and garnish with paprika.

I will admit that I eat a little more caveman style and do not worry too much about it being fancy, but it is certainly not a bad thing.

The snack will provide:

  • Calories – 267-404
  • Fat – 15-24 grams
  • Carbs – 18-19 grams
  • Protein – 15-28 grams


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Posted on September 27th, 2010 by Brian St. Pierre


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