Fantasy Football and Superfoods?

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Alright, so I haven’t blogged in a while. My fiance was up for the weekend, and we got absolutely buried in snow. It literally did not stop from 1:45 on Friday until about 4 on Sunday.

So, with my excuses now out of the way, here we go. As many of you may know, especially if you read EC’s blog, we had our inaugural CP fantasy football season. Now unlike Eric I have not gloated about the greatness of my team for all to hear. Also unlike Eric, I did not lose in the first round of the playoffs. Boy this is fun. Nope, I am the CP Fantasy Football Champion. I absolutely destroyed Dan T in the finals 113-74. It wasn’t even a contest. I am preparing for the trophy presentation today, and I am already scouting to defend my championship.

Now on to more important matters. I often get questions about “greens” or superfood products. Which ones are the best, which ones suck, which ones actually taste good, etc. To me greens products can be a very helpful addition to one’s diet. Especially for those picky eaters who really just can’t stomach many veggies, or people who are on the go so much that they must rely on a lot of shakes, it is an easy way to increase their fruit and vegetable consumption. I just don’t like to see people replace fruits and veggies with these products. They are merely an addition to an already  great diet.

Researched, but tastes like grass

Researched, but tastes like grass

There are many options to choose from, but which ones are actually beneficial? It is a tough question, if all the products actually contain everything they claim to contain, then they all should help. We all know that in the supplement industry there are some very sketchy companies. The most famous of these products is the original Greens+. This product started it all, has clinical research backing it, but unfortunately tastes like grass. It does come in some decent flavored versions, although all of the Greens+ products contains too many grasses for my tastes.

Greens+ Alternative

Greens+ Alternative

Trader Joes has created a Greens+ alternative. It has similar ingredients, tastes significantly better, and it is also significantly cheaper. This has gotten some good reviews from people whos opinions I trust, so if you are interested definitely check this one out.

My favorite Greens Product

My favorite Greens Product

Biotest Superfood is my favorite of all of these products. It contains only freeze-dried fruits and veggies. It does not have any weird ingredients or any grasses. It also tastes great and is an easy addition to shakes, cottage cheese, yogurt, oatmeal and much, much more. Saying all this, I still do not think it is a substitute for real fruits and veggies, merely a helpful addition. Unfortunately, this also happens to be a pretty expensive option. One way I like to cut down the cost is to only use 1/2 serving per day. I already consume a large amount of fruits and veggies, so do I really need both scoops?

In the end, find one that you like, take it at least 3-4 times per week however you desire. The most important thing is it having it be one that you can enjoy, or at least tolerate, while also fitting it into your budget. So have it, just make sure to eat plenty of real fruits and veggies.

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Posted on December 23rd, 2008 by Brian St. Pierre


  1. Gregg Says:

    Congrats on the win. I also like greens to go, which is an apple-melon flavored greens product that comes in individual packets. They sell em at costco and are convenient for when on the go (as you have to refrigerate the products that come in tubs, at least well you should).

    For the greens + fans…Canada sells some great greens plus products that taste pretty good. The watermelon and apple are pretty darn tasty. Naturesfare is where I’ve ordered from and have never had any issues.

  2. Kujo Says:

    I use Greens+ Mixed Berry, which is the version sold up here in Canada ( ). Taste great. I have two servings everyday (one in the morning on an empty stomach just before breakfast, the other later in the day PWO prior to dinner).

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