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I have some pretty cool stuff for you guys today, so check it out.

1. Elbow In-service

Eric Cressey recently filmed an amazing 32 minute in-service all about elbows that he gave to his staff. This is something I have been hoping (and encouraging) EC would do, as his in-services are top-notch and provide a ton of valuable and immediately applicable information.

He is selling this in-service video for only $9.99. Even more incredibly, half of the proceeds are going to Kevin Youkilis’s charity, Youk’s Hits for Kids, which provides for underprivileged children.

You will not only be getting a great product and increasing your knowledge; you will be supporting a great cause at the same time. Pick up a copy today.

2. Jay Robb Whey Protein Feedback.

As most of you know I have been pumping up Jay Robb’s whey protein, as I feel it is the best combination of quality, taste and price on the market. His whey comes from mostly grass-fed cows, is low-temperature processed, has no artificial sweeteners, mixes easily and tastes great without completely breaking the bank. It certainly isn’t the cheapest powder on the market, but it is far less expensive than comparables like Whey Cool or Warrior Whey.

A personal trainer who I am friendly with recently tried the Jay Robb line and is glad he did, sending me this feedback:

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for turning me on to the Jay Robb line.  You were ABSOLUTELY right when you mentioned to me about the artificial sugar/sugar alcohols potentially causing G.I. distress.  As a refresher, I was using Biotest’s Low Carb-Metabolic Drive.  I loved it but after going back to it once and a while I totally see how I respond better to the Jay Robb line.”

It is really great stuff, and you can try some for yourself HERE.

3. Is Sunscreen Really Safe?

Recently the watchdog group Environmental Working Group released its recommended sunscreen list, as it reviewed the ingredient list of over 600 sunscreens. They could only recommend a little over 100 of them, as “the rest either don’t protect enough or contain hazardous ingredients that don’t belong on your skin.” Amazingly, the FDA provides hardly any oversight on the sunscreen industry, allowing them to use practically whatever chemicals they want in their products, as well as allowing them to make label claims that may not be true! Recently, with pressure from EWG, the FDA passed some new regulations, creating stricter rules for sunscreens and their marketing. In true FDA fashion though, these are far less than what was needed.

The EWG provides a massive list of recommended sunscreens that I encourage you to look through so you can avoid potentially toxic and cancer-causing compounds, especially if you have young children. The same personal trainer who provided me with the Jay Robb feedback, also mentioned to me that Dr. Joe Mercola has his own sunscreen and bug spray. Dr. Mercola can definitely be a little out there, but he is usually well ahead of the curve, and his sunscreen is free of all of the problematic compounds the EWG discusses, so that is a wonderful option right there. He has several SPF levels, though I would go with SPF 30 myself.

In addition his bug spray is free of DEET and …., two potentially harmful chemicals that have documented to cause problems in animals at normal usage doses. Plus he offers a combo pack with the bug spray and the sunscreen, which is sweet.

As a small disclaimer I have yet to use these products, but I will definitely be giving them a try this summer. I actually just ordered them myself.

4. The Tim Ferris YouBar

Tim Ferris is the author of the 4-Hour Workweek, and the 4-Hour Body. He is apparently also a fan of youbars, as he now has a bar he created for sale on their website – Tim Ferriss’ Training 33 Bar.

For those who don’t remember, Youbars are protein/energy bars that you design yourself that are made to order for you. They are made from real, whole foods and are absolutely fantastic. Tim’s bar contains whey protein, organic dates, almond butter, organic walnuts, organic clover honey, goji berries, organic raw cacao nibs, organic flaxseed, organic oat bran and cinnamon. This provides 190 calories per bar, with 15g of protein, 15g of carbs (3g fiber), and 10g of fat.

To top it all off, you can type in “bspbars” in the coupon code and get 10% off!

Have a great weekend everybody!

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Posted on July 15th, 2011 by Brian St. Pierre


  1. Paul Connolly Says:

    Hi Brian-

    Thanks for posting my feedback about the Jay Robb and Mercola products. I think your readers will agree these are fantastic products.

    Thank you,
    -Paul C.

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  3. Connie Says:

    Ça me fait plaisir de partager! Il y a trop de ressources disponibles seulement en anglais et j&pu¨so;esrÃqre faire connaître des méthodes pédagogiques qui donnent des alternatives à la méthode de l’école traditionnelle.

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