Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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Last night my wife and I watched a movie we have had from Netflix for over a month. Wedding planning had taken over our lives for a while and we just never got around to watching the off-beat and interesting Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang stars Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer, and Michele Monaghan. This movie was the start of the rebirth of Downey, culminating recently with Iron Man and Tropic Thunder. It was also the breakthrough for Monaghan that propelled her into Mission Impossible III and Gone Baby Gone(which I reviewed HERE).

This movie offers a very different take on a murder mystery, with Robert Downey narrating, and telling you he is narrating. It is meant to be a little off kilter, and he was the perfect guy to star in this vehicle. He provides not only great acting chops, but he can easily lighten a scene with just a little subtle delivery. It is what makes him so good. Monaghan and Kilmer were solid, as was the rest of the cast.

Though this movie is odd-ball, you really do have to pay close attention to know what is going on. It isn’t a movie you can just watch in the background and then jump in with 10 minutes left and know what is going on. The story is surprisingly good, quite clever actually, and it keeps you guessing til the end, as you never really have a solid grasp as to what exactly is going on.

There are many laugh out loud moments, and the back-and-forth between Downey and Kilmer will keep you chuckling throughout. This is one of those rare comedic murder mysteries that actually works, and doesn’t just come off sort of ham-handed. The story is good enough and the cast is talented enough to make it work beautifully.

If you are in the mood for a light-hearted but somewhat complex murder mystery, check out Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, you won’t be disappointed.

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Posted on October 26th, 2009 by Brian St. Pierre


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