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I wanted to give you all a friendly reminder that today is the last day you can get Accelerated Muscular Development 2.0 for 20% off the retail price! The sale ends at midnight tonight.

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Today is going to be done a little differently. I actually have a multi-part series that I was thinking of starting today, but then I thought it would probably just be best to start that fresh come Monday.

Instead of that series, I am going to recap any fascinating information presented by some of my classmates just like I did last week with Coffee May Decrease Risk of Alzheimer’s. So I will actually return later this afternoon to fill you all in on whatever cool information I come across!

I also want to let you all know that I am going to be writing some articles for several publications this month, so be on the lookout for those in the near future!

Lastly for all of you Red Sox fans out there, could these past 7 days been any more awesome in an off-season? Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez?!? The Yankees are crying themselves to sleep right now. It might only be December, but It. Is. Awesome!

So I have returned to fill in this blog today, and let you know about some cool stuff I learned about from my classmates today.

The first presenter discussed how green tea and black tea consumption can decrease your risk for the metabolic syndrome. More research is needed on the topic, but green tea is able to modulate to a degree some of the factors of metabolic disease.

The second presenter discussed the role of restaurants implementing menu nutritionally labeling, and its impact on customer choices and restaurant financials. It seems that providing the nutrition facts for meals does improve people’s food choices to a degree, however the meal must still be appealing. It is also clear that the profitability of restaurants who have implemented these protocols already have not been negatively affected.

The third presenter discussed buckwheat. She discussed how it is really a seed like quinoa and amaranth, not a true cereal grass like wheat, rye and barley. She discussed its high antioxidant content, and how the sprouting of it (and other seeds and grasses) increased the antioxidant content. It was certainly interesting to find out another benefiting of sprouting grains.

The final presenter discussed some new methods in meat preservation. A huge amount of beef is lost every year to spoilage, costing the beef and supermarkets a lot of money. In her presentation she showed how customer-perceived spoilage (mainly from color change, even though the meat may be fine) or actual spoilage occured from the fats in the beef oxidizing. She presented data showing that feeding cows vitamin E a few months prior to slaughter, and packaging the beef with a small amount of rosemary extract almost completely prevented lipid oxidation (for at least 12 days). This could save a lot of cows!

On a side note, it has also been shown the seasoning your beef with rosemary can prevent many of the harmful heterocyclic amines caused by cooking meat at high temperatures, so this could help improve beef in more than one facet.

On another good note, today was the last day I had to commute to Orono for exactly a month. I sure won’t miss that 165 mile round trip commute! For a little while at least.

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Posted on December 10th, 2010 by Brian St. Pierre


  1. hooch turner Says:

    All very interesting. Nutritional info at restaurants would be much appreciated. A lot of ‘healthy’ restaurants just plain aren’t, and can’t compete with the care and attention to detail that food gets in the home. Sprouting seems to be the way to go alright. As far as commuting goes, I can certainly relate to your relief – what a nightmare it can be.

  2. Fotis Says:

    Really nice post Brian!I especially liked the new info about buckwheat and cooking rosemary with meat! Since I dont remember reading anywhere about your presentation,can you give us a summary of yours? Great site man :D

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