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I have some neat stuff to blog about today. It isn’t in any particular order, just some interesting things that I wanted to tell you guys.

1. I am heading down to CP this coming Saturday. I will be there all day from 9-2, coaching and helping out. If you are in the area come get a lift in, it will be a good time.

2. I saw Inception this weekend. All I have to say is it was absolutely mind-blowing. The creativity of Chris Nolan is astounding. How do people come up with stories like that?

The story was fascinating, the acting excellent, the direction and visual effects spot on. It did drag just a little in a few spots for me, but overall an A.

On the same note my wife and I were talking about it after we saw it, and I mentioned how it was one of those rare movies that immediately after you see it you want to watch it again because you know there are so many more details you will pick up the second time around, and you will enjoy it just as much, like the first time I saw The Matrix or The Usual Suspects.

She mentioned that she had never seen The Matrix, which absolutely blew my mind. So of course we immediately sat down to watch it, and I must say as much as I love that movie, it is amazing how the its visual effects have aged.

I hope that the critical and commercial success of Inception causes Hollywood to start making more movies like this, creative thinking-man movies rather than recycling the same shit over and over again.

3. I had one of the best nights sleep of my life last night. Like I mentioned the other day I use a dawn simulator to wake up naturally. One of my readers mentioned that his favorite function of those clocks is the dusk simulator that will slowly darken the room, mimicking the sunset rather than the sunrise to help you fall asleep.

I had never used that function before, so I decided to give it a try. It was glorious. I passed out as the light decreased and when I woke with the light of the dawn simulation (before the alarm) I thought it was the sunset turning off! I had slept so soundly that I hadn’t moved an inch all night. I woke up fresh and rested.

It makes me love my dawn simulator even more, and I can’t recommend it enough to help you fall asleep and wake up as we were meant to.

So some random tidbits from my life, but I thought it was some pretty interesting stuff.

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Posted on August 9th, 2010 by Brian St. Pierre

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  1. Mike Skrzek Says:

    I am extremely excited to hear you’re coming to CP for the day! Fortunately you are coming in on the day I come in every week. I get to see my favorite coach again! Hopefully you’ll remember me. This made my day.

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