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I had quite a few thoughts bouncing around my head that I wanted to share this week, so I am just going to cram them all into one beautiful post.

1. The FitCast host, and renowned misser of bench press attempts, Kevin Larrabee, is currently undergoing an interesting transformation. He is having Leigh Peele (more on her in a minute) be his nutritionist for a while to help him get ripped. After just one week Kevin is down 5.5 lbs and you can follow his fat loss experiment at

2. The great Leigh Peele, author of the Fat Loss Troubleshoot, has just launched a brand new website,, dedicated to providing unparalleled, spin-free fitness information. Along with some top-notch strength coaches, trainers and nutritrionists, yours truly will be writing for the site. I am pumped and look forward to really seeing this thing take off.

3. For those of you who read Eric Cressey’s blog, you may have seen the sled relay that we have had going on recently. Well yesterday I decided to join in on the action for the first time. I knew it was hard, I knew people had puked doing it, but that was simply the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. Seriously. Just watch.

I laid in that spot for 35 minutes and did not move. I have never felt so terrible, it felt like my legs were getting gnawed off by rabid hyenas. I know I looked like a pussy, but in all fairness that was all their 3rd time doing that God-forsaken relay, and my first. It seriously made me question whether I ever wanted to train again.

4. I don’t have anything that can top #3, so I am putting in a video of some of our high school baseball guys getting dominated by 3 plates and a 10. Lucky for them I wasn’t there to ridicule their performance. Just kidding, I am proud of them. Seriously though, weak effort. Alright folks, have a great weekend, enjoy the videos.

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Posted on March 6th, 2009 by Brian St. Pierre


  1. JMJ Says:

    Intense training for sure. I did see that over on EC’s blog earlier in the week.

  2. In support of Team Boston Medical Center : The Home of Brian St. Pierre Training Says:

    [...] recent craze has been the sled relay that I have showed us doing here. The women of CP (or at least some of them) have joined in the [...]

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