Once you go Greek…?

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I know almost all I have talked about so far has been food, but this is one of my favorites so it had to be done. Greek yogurt has become one of my new favorite foods for its higher protein content, thick creamy texture, high live and active culture content and cooking/recipe versatility.

Greek yogurt is much thicker than our traditional US yogurt. It is rich and creamy and much higher in protein while still retaining the traiditional sour taste of yogurt. The flavored versions are also much lower in carbs and sugar and higher in protein than the usual yogurt with just the right amount of sweetness.

Working at CP as the nutrition guy (we dont really have a title for that yet, might make Kevin work on that) Greek yogurt has by far been my greatest success story with the high school athletes. Part of my job is sitting down and having a small 10 minute chat with each client as they join, having a general nutrition discussion. With the high school athletes getting them to eat anything resembling a healthy diet requires some serious nutrition re-education, which we offer, but isn’t the point here. One of my recommendations is trying to get the kids to eat Greek yogurt. It is a quick easy snack they can bring to school, and most of them eat “regular” yogurt anyway, so it doesn’t seem so odd to them. Once they try it they are hooked, and it is one small step in the right direction. They have actually been my most receptive crowd to this “new” food. Some of my older personal training clients are resistant to yogurt in general, as it wasn’t really something they grew up with. Oddly enough I even learned about this in college, it is apparently well documented that older generations find yogurt to be abnormal from normal dietary foods. Though an odd fact, Greek yogurt is a great food to begin to incorporate and I would urge you all to give it a try.

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Posted on November 11th, 2008 by Brian St. Pierre


  1. Aaron Says:

    One thing I’ve always wondered about yogurt is how much sugar there *really* is in there. A natural, plain old yogurt I mean.

    I know the food labels don’t label things ‘properly’ in so far as should fibre really count as a carb, just like sugar?

    Anyway as part of the fermenting process the bacteria will eat sugar and I’m just wondering if there are any definitive studies showing how much sugar there is in a final product?

    I’m not sure if you have it in the US of Aiight but I’m in Australia and make my own using an EasiYo thing (sometimes with their sachet, sometimes with milk and some live yogurt) and it’s always outstanding!

  2. Buglet Says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. This is very useful.

  3. Cristina Says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. This is very useful.

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