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My good friend Cassandra Forsythe has started a Fit Pregnancy Interview Series over on her blog. This is especially pertinent to me with my wife being 20 weeks pregnant herself.

Cass has interviewed nine women and counting who stayed extremely active during their pregnancies. She wanted to shed some light on this topic because so many women are hesitant to exercise hard while pregnant, and so many people will criticize the ones who do.

Cass said she gets about an email every week asking her about this very topic, and she wanted to provide not only quality information on the topic, but real-life examples of women who have been active while pregnant and the impact it had on their pregnancy, labor and child.

I highly suggest you check these stories out, whether you are pregnant or not. These interviews are rather enlightening, though my opinion may be a little biased!

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Posted on December 21st, 2010 by Brian St. Pierre


  1. Pregnancy Fitness Says:

    Great post, very informative with great tips..Thanks for posting..

  2. Ted Linehan Says:

    Read the rest of this great post here

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