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Today is one of those days when I have a bunch of great information, but so unrelated that I can’t make them into one coherent blog post. Plus, sometimes it is nice writing (and reading) relatively quick, informative blurbs about several topics, rather than an entire book on one sole topic.

1. My wife graduates from dental school this weekend, and will officially be a dentist. She has busted her ass and I am incredibly proud of her.

2. Amazingly Cocoa Puffs are no longer endorsed by the American Heart Association with their “heart-healthy” check mark of approval. Maybe they are no longer writing checks to the AHA (because you must pay a nice little fee for that check mark) for this lovely little stamp because they realized that kids don’t give a shit if a cereal is AHA approved or not?

Or maybe the AHA realized that really crappy, high-sugar foods like Cocoa Puffs are not fooling anyone, and if anything is just making them look like idiots or incredibly greedy, whichever you prefer.

3. On a good note, my wife and I just discovered an absolutely delicious cereal that can replace Cocoa Puffs in a heart beat, while actually being good for you to boot. It is Cocoa Beach granola by Kashi. While I am not normally a fan of many Kashi products, this one boasts tons of whole-food ingredients with minimal poor ones, while providing 7 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein per 1/2 cup. It is a wonderful combination of chocolate, almond and coconut without any preservatives or artificial sweeteners or flavors.

While I wouldn’t say it is the world’s perfect food, it is a great way to satisfy some of that chocolate craving, while bringing back childhood memories of devouring massive bowls of cereal.

4. As I am sure many of you read my review of the atrocious China Study, along with my follow up post answering the questions that it raised. I feel this book is just injecting a massive fear of meat and protein when we already have a fear of fat and carbs on our hands. It is nonsensical and the main study that the book is based on doesn’t support the conclusions of the author.

You don’t have to just believe me, as I came across a tremendous review of The China Study, that gives you a mountain of information to rebut people with when they toss that piece of shit book out as evidence that being vegan/vegetarian is healthier. Now if you choose to not eat meat due to ethical reasons, then good for you, that is your choice and I applaud you for it. But do not try and tell me that eating high quality pasture-raised grass-fed meat is bad for me, because the evidence just does not support that statement.

Kristy from Feasting on Fitness absolutely takes apart The China Study in thorough detail, in two parts, leaving no doubt about its lack of evidence. Read it: Part I and Part II.

5. Slacker Radio is pretty much the greatest invention ever. It blows Pandora out of the water.

6. As some of you may have noticed, I have made a conscious effort to blog more often, about 4-5 times per week. Is there anything in particular you the readers are interested in learning about? Anything that tickles your fancy? Any bones you have to pick with me? Anything you want to see more of? Less of? Just let me know!

Have a great weekend everybody!

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Posted on May 14th, 2010 by Brian St. Pierre


  1. Andrew M. Says:

    I second that notion about Slacker radio.

  2. Kujo Says:

    “Is there anything in particular you the readers are interested in learning about?”

    Maybe more of your thoughts on training in general.

  3. Mike Says:

    Thanks for plugging Slacker radio—Pandora has been banned in Canada for a few years now.

    “Is there anything in particular you the readers are interested in learning about?”
    –Yes: optimal recovery via nutrition, and during-event nutrition, specific to long endurance athletics

  4. Henry Says:

    You could talk about any big revelations that you have had lately or in the past that have changed your thoughts on training or nutrition.

  5. Joe Says:


    What about timing of meal consumption?

  6. Eric Lagoy Says:

    Hi Brian,

    Appreciate all the new posts, especially the recipes. I’m going to be working in a camp for about 6 weeks in the upcoming summer, I won’t have access to a gym during this time and the only equipment I will have will be a few bands I am taking with me. I would love to hear some recommendations on bodyweight training, gpp work, or circuits.

  7. Jarrod Says:

    Hi Brian,

    I’m a new reader, and so far I’m absolutely loving digging through your articles, there’s a ton of useful information and even the more off-topic stuff is a great read generally.

    I drink a lot of tea (roughly 5-10 cups per day) mostly black tea but sometimes a little bit of green tea too, and I’m just a little concerned with how much of a good thing I’m getting, could you possibly provide some useful information on what is ‘too much’ tea?

    If you can, thank you so much, if not, no problems, keep up the good work mate :)

    - Jarrod, Melbourne, Australia.

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