Random Friday Thoughts (I don’t care if it’s cliche)

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First off, my apologies for being a major blog slacker this week. I promise to return with a vengeance. I wanted to wrap up this week with some random thoughts on training, nutrition, and anything else on my mind.

1. Chris Shugart wrote a really interesting article on t-nation this week, a consumer reports of new fitness equipment that I thought was really interesting. He saves his best piece for last, declaring Dr. Bowden’s The Healthiest Meals on Earth one of his favorite products of the year. I definitely agree, it is an absolutely fantastic cook book.

2. As some of you may know, Dr. Berardi just completed his month on a plant based diet. He brought up some interesting points in the end of his discussion on it about some of the anti-nutrients in grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. The big one he discussed are lectins. Dr. Berardi had this to say “lectins are sugar-binding proteins found in high concentrations in plant seeds, legumes, grains, and nuts.  Interestingly, current research has shown that if eaten in high amounts, lectins can be lead to nutritional deficiencies, immune reactions, and more.” Fortunately there are ways to go about reducing the lectins in food. Fortunately Precision Nutrition V3 discusses a lot of them, including how to properly soak your beans to diminish lectin concentrations. Another method to drastically reduce lectin content is sprouting, another reason why I love the sprouted grain products from Food for Life, specifically the Ezekiel line.

3. Along the same lines as number 2, a very interesting blog I discovered called Whole Health Source, has some really fascinating nutrition information. He is a huge believer in returning to our ancestral roots for food consumption, and I can’t say I can argue his points all that much. Regardless, this Stephan guy (I have no idea what his last name is) is very bright, and he puts out a lot of good info that I hope you can take the time to read. He just recently discussed lectins and other anti-nutrients in foods and how to counter act them if you feel so inclined.

4. I am in the middle of reading World Without End, by Ken Follett. It is the sequel to The Pillars of the Earth, and they are both absolutely fantastic. They are not for the faint of heart, each clocking in around 1000 pages, but they are these absorbing, sprawling epics that suck you in. Excellent books and I can’t recommend them enough.

5. I am a HUGE movie fan, often discussing them at work with Tony Gentilcore, but I have unfortunately been slacking in my movie watching department. This weekend, I plan on seeing a few movies, so stay tuned for a full blown review of at least one next week. Have a great weekend.

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Posted on February 27th, 2009 by Brian St. Pierre


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