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Basically I decided to do a random thoughts day since I didn’t have anything in particular to write a good sized blog post about. So here goes.

1. Eat for your goals. I see too many people who want to lose weight and train their asses off, yet they pound food and are just spinning their wheels. The same thing happens in the opposite direction. I remember so many guys in college, and I see quite a few high school athletes everyday who train their asses off to gain size but are so afraid to lose their 6 packs that they don’t eat enough to reach their goals.

Eating for Goals

Eating for Goals

2. Buy a Theracane. This thing is awesome. Tony brought one into the facility, and I bought one for my fiance and I love it. I have some upper back and neck issues that give me some neck pain and almost constant discomfort. The Theracane, while not having cured it, greatly diminishes my neck pain and removes some trigger points. Try it, you won’t regret it.

3. Watch Lost. It is pretty much the greatest show in the history of television. I also just realized that Matthew Fox was in Party of Five, making him even more awesome.

4. Since 4 is my favorite number, I will leave you all with a spectacular recipe that is similar to some others I have put on here, but is probably my single greatest achievement.

  • 1 cup Friendship Digestive Health cottage cheese
  • 1/2 scoop Vanilla Metabolic Drive
  • ~1/4 cup fresh raspberries (heaping)
  • ~1/4 cup fresh blueberries (heaping)
  • 2 tbsp chopped walnuts

Mash the raspberries when you stir, spreading their beautiful red color throughout the mixture. The combination of blueberries and raspberries is unbelievable and you may never want to eat anything else. You have been warned.

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Posted on February 4th, 2009 by Brian St. Pierre


  1. Ben Says:

    Julie Keen turned me on to the Thera Cane a couple months ago, and MAN, what a difference. Like you, still not all-the-way fixed, but much fewer shoulder and hip pains.

  2. JMJ Says:

    @2.I might add the Theracane to my soft tissue arsenal. I have heard good things about this. My good ol tiger tail and lethal black foam roller do a great job-gotta love really getting the IT Band!. I have noticed a huge differnce in range of motion and overall muscle tissue quality.
    @3. Lost is a great show. Talk about some phenomenal writing. But if you haven’t been watching every episode since season 1, forget about it. You will be…..LOST.

  3. Paul Says:

    1.) I have been taking this advice to heart over the past year or so and have made more progress than previous 3 years of training.

    3.) Gotta agree on Lost. I did slack on watching last season some because of work and the time change of the show, but the big summary at the start of this season helped out big-time.

    4.) I eat something similar everyday but it deals with canned pumpkin, CC, and chocolate MD or MuscleMilk powder.

  4. Potpourri « No Magic Pill Says:

    [...] chocolate bar, food irradiation rare, a look at Truvia, food allergy or false alarm, eat for your goals, hunting for dinner, cooking for self key to weight [...]

  5. Midget Says:

    Party of Five? First Tony and now you? I swear if Eric starts blogging about the emotional impact of Charlie and Co. I may just puke in the coveted black trash can at CP. I take back all the nice comments I made about your kiwi pictures.

  6. Brian St. Pierre Says:

    Steph, come on now. You loved Party of Five, and you know it. Scott Wolf and Matthew Fox? Please, who are you kidding.

  7. Midget Says:

    Brian, I really thought that we were connected on emotionally heart wrenching shoes of the early 90s. Obviously you and I have some serious work to do because anyone who knows me knows that I am a 90210 girl. Luke Perry, Jason Preistly, Brian Austin Green, Nat the Diner Dude……….

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  9. Brian St. Pierre Says:


    I am glad to hear about your weight loss success, but I can not discuss your methods in good conscience. I do not support fad diets or scams in anyway. Thanks.

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