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This week I was able to catch up on a few blogs and articles and I came across some really top-notch stuff. I pretty much just love to read, whether it be about assessments, carb cycling, fat loss or dental health, if it is related to health I want to know about it. I know you guys are always looking for more good info, so here is my recent reading list. Enjoy.

1. All About Gluten – by Ryan Andrews from Precision Nutrition. Ryan is a really smart dude and his articles are always top-notch. Besides I am not a huge fan of wheat, I just think we eat too much of it, and Ryan lays down the law as to why gluten can be problematic. Whether you have celiac’s disease or not, do yourself a favor and find out what issues are associated with gluten sensitivity as you might be surprised what it is linked to.

1A. The At-Home Test For Gluten Sensitivity – by Bryan Walsh from Precision Nutrition. This ties in really well with the above article by Ryan. Bryan goes into even more detail about all the health implications if you are intolerant to gluten, its actually really scary stuff. Fortunately he also provides a few methods for at-home testing to check yourself. Knowledge truly is power.

2. Ever Wonder What New Food I’ve Been Eating… - by Tony Gentilcore. The actual title is much longer, maybe the longest blog title ever, but the article is fantastic. Tony and I talk about food and nutrition at work a lot. We are always looking for new ideas, things to change, and basically just finding ways to be healthier. In his uniquely entertaining way Tony covers some really good ground and mentions a few foods that I think I will start adding to my daily intake.

3. Malocclusion: Disease of Civilization, Part VI – by Stephan Guyenet. Stephan’s site ( is a fantastic resource and one of my favorite blogs. Since my wife is going to be a dentist soon, I find his series on malocclusion’s even more fascinating. The data linking them to vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin K2 consumption as well as length of breast feeding and more is incredible. Stephan is one smart dude and someone who always provides the highest quality info.

4. Well there isn’t a four, but I just want EC to know that he is about to get demolished in fantasy football this week. I am riding a 5 game winning streak (should be 6, I got screwed by ESPN not letting me log in, but I digress) and am now the highest scoring team in the league. The defending champ is back baby!

Have a great weekend everybody!

PS – the new Pearl Jam album is AWESOME!

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Posted on November 20th, 2009 by Brian St. Pierre

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  1. Glenn Says:

    Great links, thanks. It’s funny how things act in confluence. Just over the past two weeks or so I have been getting more and more interested to moving to a paleo diet. And then you post this stuff about gluten.

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