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I was able to catch up on some blog reading this morning, and I came across some stuff that I thought you guys might like, so check them out.

I also wanted to quickly mention that Mike Boyle’s Functional Strength Coach 3.0 is currently on sale for 25% off (a savings of $50!), which is a tremendous deal for those of you who didn’t pick one up the first time. Mike is a brilliant guy, and this is an awesome DVD set that encompasses everything Mike has learned in nearly 30 years of “in the trenches” experience at every level of sport and fitness.

1. Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: Should I Get a Mac, Food Myths, and My New Favorite Stretch – Tony Gentilcore. Tony is famous for having some of the longest blog titles ever, but this one came out yesterday and already has 25 comments. I found it quite interesting to hear so many people advise him on whether or not to get a Mac, as I myself might be in the market for a new laptop in the not too distant future.

2. A Health Guru Dies of Cancer – Jonny Bowden. Jonny discusses a very important question; if even some of the smartest and healthiest people on earth die far too early from diseases like cancer, is all this effort to be healthy worth it? I like his answer.

3. Potatoes and Human Health, Part 1 and Part 2 – Stephan Guyenet. Stephan delves into the cultivation of potatoes (quickly), their nutritional content, health benefits and traditional use in diets. He also discuss glycoalkoloid content. Hmmm my description doesn’t sound nearly as interesting as it really is, but definitely check them out.

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Posted on September 28th, 2010 by Brian St. Pierre


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