Thanksgiving Madness

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This will be the last post for the week as I will be going home to Maine for my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving is awesome. Its a holiday mainly about food, and yes giving thanks, but mainly food. Its genius. Who doesn’t love food?

I plan on eating my face off. Stuff my face til I crawl to the couch, pass out watching football, then slam down some pie. The way I look at it, I eat well the rest of the time, so 1 meal is not going to do much or really any damage. If your diet is spot on, fear not Thanksgiving and enjoy yourself guilt-free. Have some turkey, stuffing, loads of carbs, pie, all of it, and love it. Just be smart the rest of the day and it wont do anything. If you can manage it, crank out a morning session and really negate the impact this meal could have. Its up to you.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone, thanks for reading and see you next week. Lastly, I want to thank Tony Gentilcore for greatly increasing my readership, if any of you don’t read his blog, definitely check it out. Tony is hilarious, smart and always some interesting stuff to talk about. And he has a 6-pack, ladies.

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Posted on November 26th, 2008 by Brian St. Pierre


  1. Super-Trainer Says:

    Hey I found your blog through Tony G. – I’ll be checking in here – always looking for learn something new about nutrition -

  2. Brian St. Pierre Says:

    Thanks I appreciate it

  3. foot detox Says:

    It is amazing how a lot of us are able to relate to all the topics you have written about. We require more writers like you that are relevant. Keep up the good work!

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