The King’s Speech in Review

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Yesterday was my first Father’s Day, and it was absolutely wonderful. The weather was just perfect, and even though my team lost in our family softball game, I did hit two homeruns!

My wonderful wife bought me Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, a book that a reader suggested a while ago. I am looking forward to reading that for sure.

One night last week, I can’t remember which, my wife and I watched the Best Picture winner The King’s Speech, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Colin Firth most certainly deserved the Oscar, as he was abolutely tremendous. The back and forth dialogue between he and Geoffrey Rush was fantastic, and personally, I think Rush was every bit as good as Firth. In many ways he made the movie.

While many might think this is a stuffy period piece, it was actually quite funny as I found myself laughing out load repeatedly throughout the movie. While some contend that some of the historical elements of this movie were not perfectly accurate, I do have to point out that it is not a documentary, it is a movie. Complete historical accuracy is not required.

Overall I found the direction to be excellent, the feel of the period to be spot on and the acting to be absolutely superb. This was a highly enjoyable and uplifting movie and definitely deserves to be seen.

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Posted on June 20th, 2011 by Brian St. Pierre

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  1. Tom Says:

    Hi Brian
    I was hoping you could share your thoughts on the longevity of pre-making a protein shake and consuming it, say, 12 hours later?

    I’m a cop and often find I don’t get the chance to sit down and eat the lunch I have brought with me, so my bright idea is to take in to work a big ‘power shake’ as an emergency replacement.

    I usually make them with whey, whole milk, nut butter, cream, greens powder and a frozen fruit. I sometimes throw ground flaxseed in there too.

    Do you think something like this would be OK to drink if left in the fridge overnight?


    Great review of the The King’s Speech, by the way. I watched it recently and thoroughly agree.

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