The Truth About Real Butter

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If you want to talk about much-maligned foods, butter is right up there at the top of the list. Health authorities have been telling us for years that foods like butter, rich in saturated fat, are clogging our arteries and causing heart disease. So they told us to replace them with trans-fat laden margarine, and how did that turn out? Then came polyunsaturated vegetable oils, and new research is linking these omega-6 rich fats to all sorts of health problems, including potentially increased risk of cancer.

The real question is, was there ever a problem with butter in the first place? The answer just might surprise you.

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Posted on April 4th, 2011 by Brian St. Pierre


  1. Cory Says:

    That is a wonderful article Brian! Everybody in America should read it. I know the best sources of grass fed meat and dairy products should come from a local farm, but I mostly just buy milk from the farm because their meats are over $12 per pound. How do you feel about the organic butters and meats sold in stores? I have found products, such as Organic Valley butter or Natures Promise meats, which are certified organic. However, the packages do not say what the cows fed on. I hope they have access to pasture, but do not know for sure. Thank you.


  2. Brian St. Pierre Says:


    Organic Valley makes a product called Pasture Butter that is absolutely excellent, as is Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter. They are both from grass-fed cows.

    Organic Valley is a good national brand, as is their meat equivalent Organic Pastures. Another good meat company is Applegate Farms. Buying organic meats is still better as they are not given antibiotics and hormones, and they should have a slightly better quality of life, but do your best to find out what they are fed, and go from there.

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