Training: BSP Style, Day III

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Today I will wrap up my series on how I train. One thing I want you all to keep in mind is that this is merely one program. While I generally stick to the theme/template I laid out here, this is not how I always train.

This style of training fits in really well with my current goals and chaotic schedule. If I could train more I would, but right now this works well for me.

This last day is a Total Body/Upper Body day. I label as such because sometimes it is only an upper day, it really all depends on timing. Though I have stated that my Upper Body day is Monday and my Lower Body day is Wednesday, it certainly does not always work out as such.

There are many weeks when I have to fit my training in on a Tues, Fri, Sat schedule. Unfortunately I may not know this until Friday! So, I improvise.

If I am able to get in a rest day between my Lower Body session and my Total Body session, then I do Total Body. If not, then I do Upper Body. While this means that I will often only train my lower body once per week, for now I am ok with that. I hammered my lower half for years, and in all honesty I really don’t need it to get any bigger.

Friday – Total Body/Upper Body

Pre Work: Foam Roll at home, Dynamic Warm-up at gym

A1. Alternating DB Incline Bench Press – 3×5/side

A2. 1-Arm DB Chest Supported Row – 3×8/side

B1. DB Bulgarian Split Squats or 1-Arm Push Press – 3×8/side

B2. Facepulls – 3×12-15

C1. Tricep Rope Pulldowns – 3×12-15

C2. Split Stance Cable Lifts – 3×8/side

D. corrective work of choice, or some curls, depends on the mood

So that’s it. That is training, BSP style. Any questions?

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Posted on October 15th, 2010 by Brian St. Pierre


  1. Ben Says:

    What does your dynamic warm-up consist of?

  2. Brian St. Pierre Says:


    It depends on the day. I change it up a lot. I cycle through a bunch of exercises that I learned at CP over the years. Here is an example of a dynamic warmup for a Lower Body Day.

    1. Supine Bridge 1×10
    2. Piriformis Mobilizations 1×6-8/side
    3. Split Stance Adductor Mobilizations 1×6-8/side
    4. Wall Hip Flexor Mobilizations 1×8/side
    5. No Money Drill 1×10-12
    6. High Knee Walk to Forward Lunge 1×6/side
    7. Walking Spiderman with Hip Lift and Overhead Reach 1×6/side

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