Twinkies for Breakfast?

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The Environmental Working Group recently looked at 84 popular brands of cereal to see if they meet either the federal government’s proposed nutrition guidelines or the industry’s looser nutrition guidelines.

Amazingly 75% of the cereals tested failed to meet the federal guidelines, and many of the cereals had more sugar per serving than a twinkie!

For example Kellog’s Honey Smacks are 56% sugar by weight! That is disgusting. A lot of these cereals are like having dessert for breakfast, and they are marketed to kids and moms as healthy ways to start the day. Call me crazy but that seems a little misleading in my book.

Click HERE for the entire report.

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Posted on December 12th, 2011 by Brian St. Pierre


  1. hooch turner Says:

    Despite the sickly sweet poison contained within, they have such wonderfully colourful packaging. It’s generally the added milk that makes the cereal taste so nice, in my opinion.

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