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Just wanted to let you all in on the results of my Warp Speed Fat Loss experiment as it is soon coming to a close.

My Weight Loss Coach

My Weight Loss Coach

Super Bowl Sunday is supposed to be a No Carb day, but lets be real, that’s not going to happen. Saturday will be the final day, so I will have the final weigh in on Sunday morning. This morning I felt a little bloated and not as lean or light as the previous day or two, but I weighed in anyway. I came in at a respectable 202. Not too shabby. Down a shade over 10lbs. This program works, period. Here is an example of a training day of mine, modified BSP style. (I can’t leave any of it alone, just not in my nature) This is an excerpt from my FitCast Forums training log, which you can check out HERE.

Monday Jan 19 – Day 15

Took a while to get going today. Just felt sluggish, though once we really got moving, I actually felt pretty good.

Pre Work: Foam Roll & Mobility

A1. Front Squat to 12″ box (tap n’ go) 2×3, 2×6

135 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 3
275 x 1
305 x 3
325 x 3
275 x 6
275 x 6

Like I said before, it was a tough start. We opened at 305 just to get things going, and that felt easier than expected, so went back to 325 to keep strength up. Curt was impressed.

A2. Prone Plate Switches 4 x 8x5lbs/side

B Circuit – Perform as meny sets of 6 reps of each exercise as possible in 10 minutes

B1. Walking DB Lunges with 30′s = 8 full sets

B2. Renegade Row with Pushup with 25′s = 8 full sets

No vest this week, and arms were ok. This circuit was still hard, though not as hard as before. We did get in that extra set of Renegade rows.

C Circuit – perform as many sets of 6 reps of each exercise as possible in 10 minutes

C1. Glute Ham Raises = 8 full sets

C2. Neutral Grip Pullups = 9 full sets

Definitely one of the worst ones. Just hard ass work. Got in an extra set of pullups.

D. I didn’t write down what we did here, and for the life of me I can’t remember. It was something.

All in all, definitely starting to feel really fit. Almost starting to enjoy this training. Almost.

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Posted on January 30th, 2009 by Brian St. Pierre

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