What’s More Important?

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What’s More Important?

This is a central question that everyone needs to ask themselves. While this can apply to all facets of life, I am going to focus on diet and nutrition, obviously.

To me many people make their food choices seemingly on a whim, or what sounds good at the time. I am sorry to say, that approach does not lead down the path of success. Instead people need to become more mindful of their choices.

My proposition is to get people to ask themselves “what’s more important to you?” Is it more important that you lose 20lbs or have a soda everyday? Is it more important that you walk around at sub 10% bodyfat, or that you hang out with your friends and enjoy yourself on the weekends (and instead you are 12% bodyfat)?

I am not saying which choice is the “right” one, I am asking you to decide which choice is more important to YOU. To some having a soda everyday makes them happy (or at least they think it does, which might be the same thing), and if you choose to make that decision everyday so be it, but do not bemoan the fact that you can’t lose those 20lbs. You made a conscious choice. If losing the 20lbs was truly more important, you would drop the soda.

This is similar to the idea that people are willing to give up what they want the most (to be lean) for what they want right now (CAKE!).

Situations like this happen all of the time. People want to get stronger, or they want to get leaner, or they want to gain some muscle, yet they are not willing to give up habits that prevent these things from happening. This would be fine if they were ok with the fact that their consistent choices are what have gotten them where they are.

However, if you really want to ┬ábe different, look different, feel different, perform different than you currently are, then you have to decide what is more important to you – The change you say you want, or the choices you currently make that have you where you are? TV or the gym? Getting up a few minutes earlier and making breakfast, or sleeping in and getting Dunkin Donuts? Spending 10 minutes each morning preparing 2-3 meals/snacks for the day, or not and just eating at restaurants or work and hoping for the best? The list goes on and on.

The choices are yours, you just need to decide what is more important to you.

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Posted on April 29th, 2011 by Brian St. Pierre


  1. Charlie Says:

    You forgot they most common choice of Americans. Should I just do whatever instantly gratifies me now and crush a number 2 meal and just take a handful of pills all my life, which eats up your whole check. Or should I not be a disgusting fat body, buy good food and take some fish oil every day while sitting on a nude beach in Mexico with some hotty.

  2. Jay B Says:

    You’re spot on.

    The reason many fail to succeed is because they trade what they want most for what they want at that moment.

    Good stuff as always Brian.

  3. R Smith Says:


    I could not agree more. It IS all about priorities.

  4. Greg Says:

    You nailed this one on the head for me. This is exactly what I have battled with for years now. My job depends on me being lean and in the best shape possible, and these food preparation skills/sacrifices have troubled me along the way. I have months of smart decision making and months of exactly what you talked about, sleeping in and grabbing DD’s on the way to work instead of getting up a few minutes earlier and cooking. Waiting last minute to cook and decide to eat out, not preparing food ahead of time and getting to store to prepare for days and week ahead. Every day is a battle……

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