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While doing a quick rotation at the Cancer Center my preceptor showed me a pretty awesome website that I thought I would share with all of you.

It is called My Family Health Portrait, and it allows you to create a family history document to bring with you to your PCP and have placed in your medical file. This will provide your doctor with important information that can ultimately improve your health. People have become far more open about discussing health problems than in years past, but as a society we still tend to be very private about such things.

While I realize some are embarassing and we prefer not to discuss them, in reality it is very important for family members to be aware of each other’s health problems, because family history of a disease is a big-time risk factor for you to develop that disease. This tool allows you to essentially create a family tree of health issues and diseases you are potentially at risk for, possibly providing an early warning to your doctor that they may not otherwise have noticed.

It is beautifully simple and can be edited and updated over time. This is one more powerful tool to help you prevent unwanted health problems and providing a copy to your doctor is just one more step in becoming a strong advocate for yourself and your medical management.

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Posted on November 28th, 2011 by Brian St. Pierre


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