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Since I have to make the final vet visit with the puppy tomorrow, I probably won’t have time to post a Friday blog, so I figured I would post a rare Thursday edition instead. I have some random stuff bouncing around my brain this morning, check it out:

1. I am a fan of always trying new foods and ideas, and I have been rocking a new carb for breakfast this past week. I bought some Ezekiel Almond Cereal on Sunday, and I have been having 1/2 cup (1 serving) with a large handful of fresh blueberries and some unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It is absolutely awesome. The cereal absorbs all of the milk and expands and softens, but doesn’t get mushy. I am absolutely loving it right now.

I will say that the Ezekiel sprouted-grain cereal is high in calories and carbs, that 1/2 cup has 38 grams of carbs (6 fiber) and 200 calories, so do keep that in mind.

Though not the almond cereal, or vanilla almond milk, I thought this was a cool picture

Though not the almond cereal, or vanilla almond milk, I thought this was a cool picture

2. My wife and I found what appears to be a good looking fish oil product for our puppy. It is by Vet’s Best, and it contains not only some fish oil and it’s everything-healthy omega-3′s, but some evening primrose oil for the anti-inflammatory omega-6 GLA to boot, along with some vitamin E to prevent oxidation. Seems quite solid to me.

Now I don’t know much about dog food, what is a quality company, what is not. If anyone knows of a similar product that is better, or gives this one a thumbs-up, let me know. Any feedback would be appreciated.

3. A growing pet peeve of mine is when people complain that they are hungry when they are dieting and trying to lose weight. Newsflash – when in a caloric deficit your body bumps up ghrelin production, meaning you will be hungry. It is an unfortunate fact of eating below-maintenance calories.

Focusing on high quality protein, healthy fat and fiber (especially soluble, like in chia or glucomannan) can help hold that hunger at bay. So can drinking a cup or two of green tea between meals, as it is a moderate appetite suppressant.

The fact still remains that you will get hungry. I am sorry, but you will just have to deal with it, a small sacrifice to meet your goals.

I prefer to see you thinking about wild salmon and blueberries, is that wishful thinking?

4. Mike Robertson is having a nice little customer-appreciation sale on Bulletproof Knees until the end of the day today. Just enter the coupon code KNEES2010 (yes all CAPS) at checkout and you will get $15 off. I wrote about this product in the past (here), as I think it is far and away the best corrective exercise resource on knee health.

Check out Bulletproof Knees, and remember this sale only goes through the end of the day on today. Plus it has a picture of dudes playing rugby, which makes it even more awesome.

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Posted on February 11th, 2010 by Brian St. Pierre


  1. Deb Says:


    I feed my pup Wysong dog food. All natural and all good ingredients. The breeder for my dog recommended it. We have been using this product for 6.5 years. No complaints. We order it through a specialty store in our town. Also available online. I believe the company is based in Maine too…:)

  2. Lauryn Says:

    My dog eats Nutro Natural Choice lambmeal and rice dog food. Its not insanely expensive and you can get it at Petco, which I feel is important. Natural, meat based ingredients, and not a lot of filler stuff.

    As for oil suppliments, he gets the same fish oil caplets that my husband and I take. I just throw one caplet in his dinner meal and he scarfs it down. We tried a few different oils from the vet and they were ok. Honestly this caplet is just as easy, much cheaper, and still effective. Our 60 lb dog goes on long walks and runs in all weather and never looks sore or creaky after. And his coat looks great!

  3. Danny Says:


    no traditional dry dog food can compare. you wouldn’t believe the absolute evil shit that the big dog food companies pass off as food for your pet.

  4. Jason Says:

    This is what I use…


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