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Upon my return from vacation I have been trying like hell to catch up on all of the reading I missed, and it has not been easy! Here are a few pieces I have come across this week that I thought were really solid, and thought you guys might enjoy them as well.

1. Busting Belly Bugs with Bacteria – by Precision Nutrition. This article is all about one of the few supplements that I recommend, probiotics. Helen Kollias goes over some relevant research showing the effectiveness and benefits of these little bacteria, and what they can do for you, so check it out.

2. Vitamin D May Prevent Flu & Asthma – by Stephan Guyenet. Another gem from Stephan on In this one Stephan reviews a newly published trial, analyzing the data, methods, strengths and weaknesses, and discusses the importance of the research. As I mentioned yesterday I am a huge believer in the need for healthy vitamin D status, and this paper shows some of the reasons why, check it out.

3. This is my good friend and brilliant dietitian (yeah, she has the fancy letters after her name) Cass, and this is her new site. She is the author of Women’s Health Perfect Body Diet and The New Rules of Lifting for Women, so take a quick peek and check it out!

4. Quinoa 2.0 – by Me. This is one of my favorite posts, as I wrote about my favorite flour, buckwheat. Buckwheat is not actually wheat at all, is gluten free, is a complete protein, has cholesterol lowering properties, has minimal impact on blood sugar and tastes awesome. Give it a read.

Have a good weekend everybody, and find yourself some pastured eggs!

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Posted on March 12th, 2010 by Brian St. Pierre


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