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One of the most commonly asked questions from clients is for sources of delicious, healthy and yet convenient recipes. This seems to be the hardest thing for people to figure out, and really it is just a matter of knowing where to look. Below are some resources that have helped me greatly along the way. These cookbooks are BSP approved not only for their delicious recipes, but also because they provide plenty of nutrition education along the way. Not a mere collection of recipes, but books full of tips, guidelines, little pearls of wisdom to help transform your eating habits and vastly improve your health and physique. So without further ado, here are my top five favorite cookbooks.

1. Gourmet Nutrition 2.0 by Dr. John Berardi. This is my top-of-the-line go to resource for high quality and amazing tasting recipes. This beautifully photographed cookbook provides nutritional information for every recipe, for large and a small serving sizes. This alone puts this book high atop my list. Knowing what you are taking in really goes a long way to help you meet your goals. Sometimes people are surprised by the calories of a meal, so seeing them on paper really is highly beneficial. This book also provides estimated preparation and cooking times, whether a meal is considered an anytime meal (i.e. lower carb) or a post workout meal (i.e. higher carb), which is how I like the set things up with most people as well. I use more recipes from this cookbook than any other.

2. The Healthiest Meals on Earth by Dr. Jonny Bowden. This incredible cookbook is based on the concept of the poly meal. The poly meal includes high quality protein and healthy fat source (usually salmon), fruits and vegetables, red wine, and dark chocolate, which if consumed on a regular basis will greatly reduce risk of many many health conditions, especially heart disease. In his book Dr. Bowden has created some amazing amazing, gourmet five course meals that follow these guidelines. They are amazing. It also provides many smaller and much more convenient recipes that are still incredibly healthy. Unfortunately this book does not contain the nutrition info break down. That is the only flaw of this incredible and amazingly healthy cookbook, which is offset by the fact that it does provide the most unique recipes of them all.

3. Body By Eats by Leigh Peele. This book is probably the least cookbook like of them all. Leigh provides tons of great nutrition content, dispelling myths and generally just supplying people with the information they need to reach their goals. Along with all of this great info are some absolutely awesome recipes designed with your goals in mind. Fat loss recipes, muscle building recipes, vegetarian recipes, you name, Leigh put it in there. This cookbook is full of awesome stuff that is sure to help anyone reach their goals.

4. Gourmet Nutrition the original by Dr. John Berardi. This is the original cookbook by Dr. John Berard, providing tons of great recipes that are highly nutritious, highly convenient, tasty and also provide nutrition information for every recipe for large and small serving sizes. This cookbook is in black-and-white, but it is still of very high quality and is highly recommended. Dr. Berardi might modify a few recipes today with what he knows now, but the overwhelming majority of them still stand beautifully on their own. I still refer to it quite often, and it was the first nutrition cookbook I ever owned.

5. BSP recipes! No list of mine would be complete without me referencing a few of my favorite recipes. Here are some links to some of the favorite recipes I’ve posted on this site.

My Wife’s Chili

Blueberry Apple Crisp

Asian Turkey and Broccoli

World’s Greatest Smoothie

Incan Warrior Breakfast

While this may not be a comprehensive list, owing a few or all of these books will provide you with hundreds or recipes that can help you reach your physique, performance, and health goals. Enjoy.

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Posted on November 17th, 2009 by Brian St. Pierre


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    PS great blog!

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